Umpires’ Dress Code


Regardless of the number of umpires, the base umpires must be dressed identically. The plate umpire, for his part, can choose the clothing he prefers independently of the clothing of the base umpire. However, it is more professional for all referees to be dressed the same way.

Authorised clothing

Ball Cap

Black ball cap with embroided Baseball Québec logo in the front.


Black socks.


Black. It should be large enough to support two well-filled ball bags.

Polo shirt

Powder blue with black and grey stripes. It can be worn at the plate or on bases, with a black t-shirt underneath.


Black with powder blue stripes at the shoulder with Baseball Québec Umpires logo on the front.



T-Shirt (undershirt)

Black. This t-shirt should always be worn under your uniform. It makes wearing the chest protector more comfortable. On bases, it traps sweat rather than wetting your uniform, preserving your appearance.


Charcoal grey.

Ball bag

Navy blue with the Baseball Quebec logo. The navy blue or black ball bag is also compliant. The grey ball bag is only accepted if it is exactly the same color as the pants.


Completely black, but the trademark is tolerated.

Note: Kleets are allowed.


Black, blazer style, preferably with deep pockets allowing the insertion of several balls when the referee is working on marble.

Note: This item is optional and should only be purchased by high-level referees.